Artist Statement

Like many, I am a product of the environment surrounding me as a child. I was influenced by tradition, small town values, family, and life on the water.  With these images, I originally aimed to capture life growing up in a small fishing village, but over time found myself drawn more to the images of my father, and another theme began to emerge. I vividly remember wrapping my arms around my dad as a child, feeling the course material of his work clothes covered in fish scales and copper, comforted by his rough hands, the smell of diesel fumes and the sharp bristles of his cheek against my skin.  I wanted to express this somehow, to recreate the feeling of home and the security and strength of my father in visual form.

Home and what it represents to me in these images is love, sacrifice, loyalty, my father pushing through exhaustion, fighting pain and cold, thinking not of himself but of those who count on him. In capturing and analyzing these images, I also came to realize for the first time another influence that has fiercely driven me and shaped my path, including the decision to become a soldier and deploy to a combat zone- all part of my desire and attempts to make up for not being a son, a fisherman, to carry on the family tradition.

I chose black and white in order to reflect the timeless character of the subject, and allow the viewer to step inside memories and impressions of my father that shaped me.  I kept a shallow depth of field for the images when possible by opening the aperture wide, isolating the subject and delegating the background as a secondary focus.  I used minimal post processing to create a feeling of tradition and nostalgia using fill light, masks and slight vignettes. These images were all captured using a Canon full frame DSLR camera. 

I chose these particular images because they present the subject through my eyes, as intimate moments experienced between father and daughter.  I want to awaken in my viewer a similar intimate connection with the subject, and reveal my challenge to live up to his lifelong daily sacrifice, fueled by love and centuries of tradition.